Shipping & Returns



1. The web site is updated daily for product availability. If you see it, then it is generally available for purchase. However, if you see a RED WARNING on your Shopping Cart Contents page, then the item is not available and you should remove it from your cart.  

2. All in-stock products are generally processed for shipment  within 2 business days. Exceptions do occur when the factory is closed because we are traveling for BMX Nationals or other events. Orders that combine in-stock and backorder items will ship combined if the total order can be shipped within 14 days. If a combined order cannot ship within 14 days, in-stock items will ship within 2 days and backorder items will ship later with no added expense to the customer. New product releases may require more than 2 days for order processing due to the volume of orders placed in a short period of time. In those conditions, orders will be processed in the order of when they were received (first-come, first-served). 

Jerseys are custom-made-to-order and not an "in-stock" item. Typical delivery time for jerseys is 3-4 weeks, but can vary +/- depending on the time of year and schedule of our supplier who makes them. 

3. During product release events, MULTIPLE ORDERS WILL NOT BE COMBINED FOR SHIPMENT. Some customers place multiple orders for multiple items during product release events for fear of missing items that might quickly sell out. Unfortunately, processing multiple orders takes more time for us and slows down the shipping process for everyone else. If you need multiple items for the cost of 1 shipping charge, then please slow down, add all of your items to your cart, then proceed to place 1 order. If you place multiple orders during product release events, those orders will ship individually and no credits for combined shipping will be issued.

4. We reserve the right to send oversized packages via UPS or FedEx.

5. Customers in some locations (Hawaii, Alaska, and others) may be required to pay additional shipping cost after they place their order. This typically applies to oversized packages because the shipping calculator does not have the ability to calculate modern "dimensional" shipping rates which are based on size more than weight.

6. The quoted shipping cost is calculated by weight x 1 package (not multiple). In the rare circumstance where a customer purchases odd-shaped items that cannot be combined into one package (ex: handlebars + pedals, sticker set + cranks, etc.) AND pays extra for a premium shipping service (Priority Mail, Express, etc.), we reserve the right to downgrade to the next lower shipping service to stay within the budget of the amount paid for shipping because of the need for multiple parcels to be sent. The web site shipping calculators are not intuitive enough to know every possible combination of product and whether they can be combined into 1 package. We appreciate your understanding.

7. All purchases made with CREDIT CARD will ship to the BILLING ADDRESS that's on-file with your credit card. We DO NOT ship to alternate addresses. All purchases made with PAYPAL will ship to the PAYPAL ACCOUNT ADDRESS only.

8. All orders of $500 or greater value include Signature Required delivery.   



1. The web site will calculate shipping cost to every country in the world. Products will be directly sent to you.  Visa and Mastercard payment is accepted. PayPal is not accepted for customers outside USA.

2.Due to changes by USPS for global shipping services and rates, oversized packages for frames must ship via USPS GXG Global Express Guaranteed 1-3 business days estimated service. This service is fast but expensive, and typical cost to EU or Australia can be $300 to $500. The Hutch website will not offer this shipping option during the checkout process. You must contact us by email and we will provide a quotation and payment options to you. We are happy to provide the package size and weight to you so you can verify the cost yourself on the website.

3. We are required by US law to declare accurate values on US Customs shipping forms. Please do not ask us to declare values less than actual because you are asking us to break our laws. Incorrect valuations can also result in customs delays in your country. 

4. Import duties and/or VAT is a product of your country's tax laws. We do not pay your duty or VAT for you. You are responsible to pay all duties and VAT's as required by your laws. 

5. Once a package departs the United States borders, it is the responsibility of your country's postal service to be delivered and there is nothing we can do to track or find your package. Most countries continue to use the US Postal Service tracking number found on the US Customs form. This number is automatically e-mailed to you at the time of shipment from us. It is your responsibility to contact your postal service to determine the status of a package once the USPS tracking shows that it has departed the United States. The most common cause for delay is foreign Customs clearance that is pending, or import duties due from the recipient. Typically the final location shown for USPS tracking is Chicago, when the package was put on a flight to your country. Your package was not lost in Chicago. It was put on a plane and is in your country.

6. On rare occassion, a package requires an abnormally long period of time to arrive to you. Usually the package is stopped in customs and waiting for your duty/VAT payment, but sometimes the service is just slow. Please do not request that another package of goods be sent to you. Only until after 90 days has passed and tracking shows non-delivery will we consider a package "lost" and a replacement sent. This would be extremely rare, and has never happened yet. 

8. Undelivered ("lost") packages may occur due to the various postal services responsible for delivery to international destinations. All shipping rersponsbilities are based on internationally recognized FOB (Free On Board) laws and agreements.  

9. All international purchases made with CREDIT CARD will ship to the BILLING ADDRESS only.


RETURNS are subject to the following conditions:

1. Products must be returned in original packages and in "as-new" condition. If items are not "new" condition, a deductable value may be applied to remedy this, or your return request may be denied. If your return is denied, you will need to pay for return shipping to you, or the item will be considered abandoned. 

2. Returns will be accepted for a period of 30 days from initial date of purchase. To better serve those who may purchase items intended as gifts for Christmas, items purchased in the month of November will be accepted for return for a period of 60 days from date of purchase.

3. Returned items must include the original order number and customer name.

4. Refunds for component parts will be in the form of store credit issued as a coupon code to the web site in an amount equal to the item purchase price. Shipping to/from is non-refundable.

5. Custom-made products are non-refundable (jerseys with customer name, stickers with custom colors, frames with custom powder colors and/or custom color stickers applied, etc.)


ORDER CANCELLATIONS are subject to the following conditions:

8% Order Cancellation Fee applies for customers who request to cancel an order for items that have not yet shipped.


EXCHANGES will be honored, subject to the following:

1. Products to be exchanged is in original packages and in "as-new" condition.

2. The returned item must also include payment for sending the exchanged item back to you.

3. In the event that the exchange cannot be honored due to unavailability of product or other reason, we reserve the right to provide a refund in the form of store credit in lieu of exchange.



1. Products are warranted against manufacturer's defects for a period of 1 year from the original purchase date. Products that have been subjected to unintentional loads or stresses from operator misuse or abuse that result in failure are not covered by warranty.

2. Products returned must include order number and customer name, along with reason for warranty request.

3. Warranty will be honored in the form of equal-item exchange or refund in the form of store credit, and is at the sole discretion of Hutch BMX.