Hutch Z-29 Cruiser Frame and Fork Z-DUB RED

Hutch Z-29 Cruiser Frame and Fork Z-DUB RED

Hutch Z-29 cruiser frame/fork (project code-name: Z-dub) is a the first time ever that a modern geometry and technology frame integrates the Z-shaped down tube. Limited to just 90 sets total and available in 3 sizes and 5 colors so that only a handful of each configuration were made. The Z-dub includes unique characteristics such as custom Hutch graphics in a wide range of optional colors listed below, blank brake bridge, 2 new custom powder colors, and all with a chrome fork to give the set a 2-color combo unlike the typically-matched Hutch. Buyers are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and select a sticker color from the choices below that not only stand out from typical Hutch colors, but will also be unique within the Z-dub project. If a buyer would like a sticker color that we do not offer, they are welcome to provide us with a Gerber Edge foil cartridge (part numbers beginning with GCS...GCM...or GSX...) which sometimes can be found used on eBay for low cost. If you would like a custom color, you must include a note with your order and there is a place to include notes as you go through the checkout process. IF NO NOTE IS INCLUDED, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE STICKER COLOR AS SHOWN IN THE GROUP PHOTO.


The Z-shaped downtube includes butted tubing for added strength in the weld areas compared to similarly-styled vintage frames. However, this frame is sold as a "novelty" frame with no warranty expressed or implied. Blasting jumps or any other airborne activity is outside of the design intent and structural damage could occur leading to injury. BUYERS ARE ADVISED TO RIDE AT THEIR OWN COMFORT LEVEL AND RISK.


The Z-dub arrived in 2021 and are in-stock for immediate shipment (slight shipping delays due to the initial order rush and stickering of frames should be anticipated). The 2021 pricing of $699.95 + $200.00 for local powder has been grandfathered and applies to this batch.


No exchanges or refunds for existing pre-orders.


Optional in-stock sticker colors are below. The color is the letters, with all printed on clear background. Frames with custom sticker color requests are non-returnable but additional sticker sets in other colors can be purchased later for the typical set cost if the color wasn't to your expectations.






















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