Hutch Grips - Lavender

Hutch BMX handlebar grips are nearly identical to the vintage 1980's version. Lettering on the inside grip flange is the only difference, which cannot be altered and will maintain authenticity for those vintage collectors. Blue and Red colors were color matched to NOS originals. Lavender and pink are new colors and produced in very low numbers. The lavender is a slightly lighter shade of the current Vans waffle-pattern grip. The pink was color matched to vintage Oakley O-Wings. Even the packaging is a throwback to vintage days...the gloss sheen being the notable difference. 

Note: the packaging is constructed of light-duty material and may include some crushing. This is a natural result of maintaining the vintage character of this product. The painted logos may include variations that can be expected in a delicate process when applied by hand rather than machine.  


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