Hutch 1-1/8" Integrated Headset

NOT compatible with the 2022/2023 TRICK STAR or NATIONAL PRO

1-1/8" threadless headset can be used with Hutch or any other modern BMX frames that use 1-1/8" threadless technology. Includes a chrome-plated top cover in the style of the original Hutch 2n1 headlocks, which also provides a 1" rise. When the 5 components of frame + fork + headset + stem + compression bolt are all Hutch brand, this provides a perfect stack height which will require that no shims or spacers be required. If you use components from any other brands for that group of parts, the stack height may change and shims or spacers may be required. This is because there are no specific industry standards for steer tube length, head tube height, headset cap height, or stem thickness. If you want the perfect setup, use all Hutch components for that group of parts!


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