Hutch XL24 vintage-technology KIT, WHITE

Hutch XL24 vintage-technology kit includes everything available for this build as shown in the photo. These kits are limited to a total production of 50. The price for the kit is the sum of all individual parts at their current retail price. No premium was added, nor any deduction applied. The kit is designed to be a convenience package for those who want everything that is currently in-stock and available at one time for this particular frame style.

Please note: The chrome Aerospeed Disc may include some variation or less quality chrome plating. Chrome plating magnifies surface finish from machining rather than hiding it. Chrome plating is an uneven process as electrical current flows across the large surface area from the center location where the part hangs on the rack during the plating process. The Aerospeed Disc may look like a simple and easy part to manufacture, but it is actually one of the most difficult based on these factors. There are no plans to make the American-made Aerospeed cranks and Aerospeed Disc again in the future. We have a small number of red, blue, and black anodized Aerospeed Discs that you can request as a substitute if you do not want the chrome. INCLUDE A NOTE WITH YOUR ORDER. THERE IS A PLACE TO INCLUDE NOTES AS YOU GO THROUGH THE CHECKOUT PROCESS. Colored Aerospeed Discs are available as a substitute on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Hutch XL24 frame/fork is a faithful re-issue of the 1980's XL24, and includes technology such as 1" threaded forks, American BB, and brake bridge slot for side-pull brakes. The serial number and brake bridge font would be the significant differences between these and the XL24 from the 1980's. Available colors are chrome, black, and white. All 3 frame colors include high-quality screen-printed stickers on heavy foil material. The black and white screen-printed inks may not perfectly match the black or white powder-coated finish. This is 100% authentic and accurate to how vintage Hutch frames in those colors would have been in the 1980's.

Hutch Cruiser handlebars (chrome)

Hutch Number Plate (red)

Hutch Grips (black)(other available colors may be substitued by request, subject to availability)

Hutch Deep-H Stem (chrome)

Hutch straight Seat Post (chrome)(sorry, no substitution for laid-back)

Hutch 1" donut Seat Post Clamp (chrome)(other available colors may be substitued by request, subject to availability)

Hutch Aerospeed Crank Set (chrome)(red/blue/black Aerospeed Disc may be substituted by request, subject to availability)

Hutch Hubs (chrome)

Hutch Pedals (chrome)


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