Pedal Cages - Polished

Hutch Bear Trap pro-size replacement pedal cages include a polished finish. Includes a set of 8 new mounting screws and locking washers in the correct black-oxide finish, along with 2 fine-thread spindle bolts which most hardware stores do not carry. Pedal Cages arrive packaged in a reincarnation of the 1980's "display box" package, which was designed for maximum wow-effect when sitting in a retail glass showcase at bicycle shops. 

Please note: the included locking washers often arrive to us with a rusty finish from being stored in humid conditions. We have complained to our supplier numerous times to ask the manufacturer to make changes to prevent this. We will not warranty locking washers that arrive to you with rusty finish. But if they do and you are unhappy, the best solution would be to visit your local hardware store and buy #10 split-lock washers with black oxide finish. They are very inexpensive and you would be able to hand-select washers that are better quality that what our supplier can provide. Or you can also rub them with a black shoe polish or carnuba car wax, which will also leave them with a slight residue to help prevent them from rusting again. 



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