Hutch Seat Post is 7/8" diameter x 14" length and made from 4130 chromoly with a chrome-plated finish. The round coin sticker is applied, and an extra square sticker is included for you to apply if you'd like both. The Hutch seat post first had only the coin, then later both stickers were added. You can decide which you prefer.

This post will fit most vintage 1980's chromoly BMX frames and also the 2022 Hutch Trick Star and 2022 National Pro.


Be sure to check your frame to make sure it accepts the typical 7/8" diameter post size. Hutch did make some frames in the 1980's that used thinner wall chromoly for the seat mast, which required an oversized seat post to be used. If your frame looks like the seat mast has been crunched down in size, that's likely the issue. There are no plans to make oversized posts to fit those frames.

There are no plans to make colored seat posts due to potential fitment issues.

This post will not fit Hutch modern-geometry/technology frames.


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