Hutch Spline-Drive Star Spider - 5-BOLT 110 BCD CHROME

The Hutch spline-drive Spider is designed to be used with the spline-drive Aerospeed crank arms. Back-spaced offset to bring the chain back to the correct chain-line alignment position when using an outboard euro bottom bracket. This is the ultimate trick setup for any new-school race bike. Race tested in the A-Pro ranks by Brandon McDowell. Industry-standard 5-Bolt 110 BCD can be used with mating chain rings from any other brand. Includes a premium "show" quality chrome-plated finish. 

When assembling with your crank arm, look for a little dimple in the center steel insert, then position that dimple with the length of the crank arm. The crank arm will be aligned with one of the points of the star shape. 


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