Titanium-GDH crank spindle 5.5" (140mm)

The Hutch 19mm 48-spline titanium GDH crank spindle in 5.5" (140mm) length is designed to work with American BB's for vintage frames, and Mid BB's for the current Trick Star and all modern freestyle frames from any brand. Unlike other brands who make titanium spindles to fit only their own crank arms, the Hutch titanium crank spindle is designed to fit Hutch Aerospeed crank arms and 19mm cranks from ALL other brands...guaranteed! Installation will be a breeze with the Hutch crank spindle...tested, and by design. The Hutch titanium spindle costs 20% less than others too!

Don't forget to grab a set of the titanium crank spindle bolts! (sold separately)


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