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Welcome to the home to Hutch Hi-Performance BMX...a new era in the continuation of this legendary brand. The sport of BMX has changed a lot over the past 30 years, and in many ways it remains the same. Likewise, Hutch follows a similar path. One thing that remains is the unmatched reputation for the ultimate in performance and quality. Simply put, if you are riding with Hutch parts, you are riding the finest componentry that money can buy. And with change comes the different styles of old-school and new-school, and the opportunity to bring the same performance and quality to a new generation.

The old-school line of Hutch products isn't just for guys in their 30's and 40's. At no other time in history has a company made such a profound impact on the sport of BMX in terms of revolutionary product design and precision engineering as Hutch. If a younger rider who is a "clipped" racer never tries the Bear Trap pedal, he is truly missing out on the experience of one of the most significant pedal designs ever created. No, Hutch isn't about "then and now"...Hutch is simply the best of everything leading up to today.

The products offered on this site will provide the perfect blend to suit riders young and old. Some of the components will be identical to past designs, while newly developed products will employ the unmistakable Hutch design characteristics with new technology. Product development is continuous and ongoing, and I encourage you to make a regular visit.

Thank you,
John De Bruin

A note of appreciation

Special thanks goes to a few individuals who, without their assistance, this would not be possible.

William Bellis - I came away with the understanding that he genuinely felt the importance to pass the torch, for the purpose of keeping the brand alive.

Tom Barone - For having the foresight to protect the trademarks.

John McNiel - Former Hutch Factory Team racer, this site and much of its photo content was made possible by his talents in web design and development. If you're in need of that service, check out his site at