NATIONAL PRO 24 CRUISER re-issue Frame and Fork Chrome PRE-ORDER


PLEASE READ all terms of the pre-order purchase:

This item is not currently in-stock. It is estimated to arrive in 2022. When the item arrives to us, it will automatically ship to you without further interaction. If you would like a red frame/fork that we hope to offer for an additional cost, or also a custom color that you would like to facilitate yourself later, be sure to include a note with your order. The note will flag us to contact you prior to shipping the frame to confirm your intentions. There's a place to add a note during the checkout process. If you do not include a note, the chrome frame/fork will be stickered and sent to you without further communication. We outsource the red color to a local powder coating shop; and we cannot guarantee their ability to provide that service, what the cost will be, or how long it will take. That information will be provided when the frames arrive and email is sent to you for final decision. You always have the option to have your local powder coating shop add the color, and we can send an unstickered frame that's ready for powder, and also include a set of stickers for no additional charge that you apply later.

Update: Gloss Black and Gloss White colors are available at no additional future cost! If you would like either of those colors, include a note with your purchase. Remember: there's a place to include notes as you go through the checkout process. Sticker color for the black and white frames will be white-letters-on-clear-background.

Refund requests will be honored up to the date of shipment. Refunds will be for the full amount paid minus 8% restocking fee. So if you make a pre-order purchase, please intend to stick with it. After the item has shipped, the published returns/exchange policy per the web site apply.

Please do NOT purchase in-stock components at the same time as the frame/fork pre-order. If you want to purchase those items, please place another order so those items can ship to you immediately.

This pre-order is limited to the quantity arriving with the 2022 shipment. Should all quantity of this item be sold prior to shipment, the listing will be removed from the web site. If you would like to retain the pre-order terms and conditions here, please screen-capture for your future reference.

Offered for the first time ever, the National Pro 24 Cruiser re-issue is a nearly exact copy of the vintage original. It includes all vintage geometry and technology such as 1" threaded forks, American bottom bracket, and side-pull brakes. Only very minor items differentiate this from a vintage-original, such as the modern serial number. There is a very good chance that the National Pro 24 Cruiser re-issue will be a one-time offering, so if you have an interest be sure to grab one! National Pro cruiser bars and 7/8" seat post are anticipated to arrive at the same time the frames arrive in 2022 so be sure to check back for those items at a later date.

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