Hutch Boss-Drive Aerospeed Crank Arms 175mm VINTAGE-RAW


THIS PRODUCT IS DESIGNED FOR ALL VINTAGE 1980'S FRAMES. (do not use with modern-era frames)

Raw steel crank arms without any surface finish, ready for your custom finish such as gold-plating, copper-plating, or powder-coat color of your choice.  Crank arms have been coated with WD-40 but may include some slight surface rust that needs to be removed prior to adding your finish. No warranty for surface rust will be offered. 

Hutch Aerospeed old-school style crank arms include the sprocket boss for mounting your sprocket or spider. These are the exact same crank arms that were previously sold in the complete boxed set, except now sold as the arms only for half the price. This is the style that you would want for your vintage restoration project or any old-school frame that uses an American bottom bracket.

This item is designed to work best with the following parts:

1. American bottom bracket with 19mm bearing size.

2. Hutch Aerospeed Disc. 

3. 19mm 48-spline spindle that is 5.5" to 5-5/8" length. 

Can I use these on a new-school bike? Yes, but you should really consider updating your technology to the spline-drive Aerospeed product. It is a far superior setup for today's riding and racing. Using the vintage-style Aerospeed Disc with a modern outboard Euro bottom bracket is not recommend because those items are incompatible for properly-positioned chain line. 

Aerospeed's are a 6-sided, double-tapered crank arm that is stronger than any USA- or foreign-made swaged-tube race crank arm from any brand. Period. In an apples-to-apples comparison Aerospeed's are also lighter weight than the leading USA-made swaged-tube chromoly race cranks. To simplify, we'll say that Aerospeed's are the lightest and strongest 4130 chromoly crank arm EVER made...and yes, that is a bold statement. Includes a premium "show" quality chrome-plated finish.

Aerospeed's are entirely made in WisconsinUSA.

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