Hutch Aerospeed Crank Set - 180mm, NO QTY. LIMIT


NO LIMIT PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD FOR THE $2999.95 PRICE APPLIES TO THE BOSS-DRIVE AEROSPEED CRANK SET. There have been multiple people who have purchased dozens of set of Aerospeeds in the past. While we greatly appreciated every customer and those large sales in previous years, any unlimited quantity purchase in 2022 will require a premium price. There are some people where money is no object and if that's you, then this is your listing. When purchasing unlimited sets, all quantity must be purchased from this item listing and include the premium.

This limit does not apply to the spline-drive Aerospeed crank set. Do not mix technologies though. This boss-drive set is for all vintage 1980's technology frames, and the spline-drive set is for all modern-technology frames.

This Aerospeed Crank set includes everything you need for a vintage build or restoration. Components include chrome-plated 180mm length Aerospeed crank arms with the spider/disc mounting bolt, chrome-plated Aerospeed Disc, American BB with classic brown bearings, titanium-GDH 48-spline spindle, titanium bolt set, and old-school spacer washers. Includes the hand-numbered collector box. Aerospeed crank arms and Aerospeed Disc are 100% made in USA.

The Aerospeed crank set has been offered for a number of years on a very limited basis and is becoming exceedingly difficult to manufacture. The Aerospeed Discs have an individual character from machining and chrome-plating. If you are unhappy with your purchase, this item includes a refund return policy. Due to the difficulty to keep in-stock, exchanges on this item are not offered. All returns will automatically be provided a refund.

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