Hutch Aerospeed Spline-Drive Freestyle Crank Kit - 170mm


BLEMISH DISCOUNT. Recently found, 6 sets of 170mm spline-drive Aerospeed crank sets designed for the modern-technology 20" and 24" Trick Star. These remaining sets all include blemishes to the chrome plating. The typical blemish is dull chrome and/or slight visible surface scratches. Once they are sold out they will not be re-stocked. Aerospeeds require a dozen different American companies to manufacture, and with the current market conditions it is no longer possible to make more of them.  Photos of blemishes will not be posted since every set will be different. However, if you are unhappy with the item, the published returns policy does apply. This is your last opportunity ever to purchase a set of 170mm spline-drive Aerospeeds for your modern-technology Trick Star frame, and are sold on a first-come first-served basis until they are completely sold out.

THIS PRODUCT IS FOR THE MODERN-ERA 20" and 24" TRICK STAR. (do not use with any vintage 1980's frames). The 24" Trick Star included a sprocket with the frame/fork set so you will not need the 25T sprocket that's included with this set. If you include a note saying you don't want the 25T sprocket, a coupon code will be issued back to you in the amount of $59.95

Includes the following items:

Hutch Aerospeed spline-drive Freestyle crank arms, 170mm length (CHROME with blemish)

Hutch spline-drive 25T sprocket designed for a 25-7 gear ratio, (CHROME with blemish). If you would like red, blue or green, include a note with your oder requesting that color instead of chrome. Optional colors while supplies last and are first-quality without blemishes. There's a place to include instructions when you go through the checkout process.

Hutch MID BB

Hutch 5.5" Titanium-GDH 48-spline spindle

Hutch Titanium crank bolt set. 

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