Hutch Aerospeed Crank Set - 180mm, LIMIT QTY. 3

STRICT LIMIT OF 3 SETS PER PERSON/HOUSEHOLD FOR THE $1999.95 PRICE APPLIES TO THE BOSS-DRIVE AEROSPEED CRANK SET THROUGH THE REMAINDER OF 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is our sincere hope to see as many people as possible enjoy owning a set of Aerospeed cranks. If you are one of those people who need 2 or 3 sets, then those additional sets will require a premium since 1 or 2 other people will not be able to buy them. When purchasing a total of 2 or 3 sets, all quantity must be purchased in the same order from this item listing and include the premium.

This limit does not apply to the spline-drive Aerospeed crank set. Do not mix technologies though. This boss-drive set is for all vintage 1980's technology frames, and the spline-drive set is for all modern-technology frames.

This Aerospeed Crank set includes everything you need for a vintage build or restoration. Components include chrome-plated 180mm length Aerospeed crank arms with the spider/disc mounting bolt, chrome-plated Aerospeed Disc, American BB with classic brown bearings, titanium-GDH 48-spline spindle, titanium bolt set, and old-school spacer washers. Includes the hand-numbered collector box. Aerospeed crank arms and Aerospeed Disc are 100% made in USA.

The Aerospeed crank set has been offered for a number of years on a very limited basis and is becoming exceedingly difficult to manufacture. The Aerospeed Discs have an individual character from machining and chrome-plating. If you are unhappy with your purchase, this item includes a refund return policy. Due to the difficulty to keep in-stock, exchanges on this item are not offered. All returns will automatically be provided a refund.


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