Hutch Spline-Drive Aerospeed Crank Arms - 170mm FREESTYLE


Hutch Aerospeed spline-drive crank arms use today's newest technology that eliminates the sprocket boss while reducing weight. This "no-boss, spline-drive" configuration uses a steel 48-spline insert on the sprocket for the forward engagement. The sprocket boss is thus eliminated. These 170mm Aerospeed arms are designed for use with any of today's modern freestyle frames with a mid bottom bracket. 

This item is designed to work best with the following parts:

1. Mid bottom bracket with 19mm bearing size.

2. Hutch spline-drive micro-gear 23t to 28t Sprocket. 

3. 19mm 48-spline spindle that is 5.5" length. 

Why do the Freestyle Aerospeeds only come in 170mm length? Today's flatland riders want a very short crank length that's typically 160-165mm because anything more just gets in the way. Street/park riders don't need the torque or horsepower that a race application needs, and usually prefer 170-175mm length. Freestyle Aerospeeds are in that sweet spot length of 170mm to support both riding styles.

What's the difference between Freestyle Aerospeeds and Race Aerospeeds? Race setups use an outboard (euro) bottom bracket and require less angle of the crank arm to clear the chain stays. Freestyle setups use an inboard (mid) bottom bracket and require a greater angle of the crank arm to clear the chain stays. The 2 styles are manufactured with different angles of projection. 

Can I use 175 or 180mm Race Aerospeeds on my Trick Star? Yes, but it is NOT recommended. You will need to use old-school spacer washers to position the crank arms out far enough to clear the chain stays. This will also move your chain outside of the best chain-line alignment position.

Aerospeed's are a 6-sided, double-tapered crank arm that is stronger than any USA- or foreign-made swaged-tube race crank arm from any brand. Period. In an apples-to-apples comparison Aerospeed's are also lighter weight than the leading USA-made swaged-tube chromoly race cranks. To simplify, we'll say that Aerospeed's are the lightest and strongest 4130 chromoly crank arm EVER made...and yes, that is a bold statement. Includes a premium "show" quality chrome-plated finish.

Aerospeed's are entirely made in WisconsinUSA.

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